Turn any wifi into GSM repeater

New features on IOS 8+ lets you turn any WIFI into GSM repeater to solve poor cell phone reception issue, being out of coverage area and or bad reception in home or office is a big deal for many people around the world these days. Today I am going to show you How to use your WIFI router to solve the poor cell phone reception issue.


At least using two or more apple products,  “an apple iPhone & iPad” you can also use two iphones (with using two iPhones you can only answer the call, you will not be able to make call from another iphone), the devices must be on IOS 8 or later.

The feature we talking about is called “Calls on other devices” here is how to setup:

1:- Connect both your iphone and ipad at the same network

2:- Login to the iCloud & Facetime with the same apple id

3:- From your iphone Go to settings + Phone + Turn on Calls on other devices.

4:- For using two iPhones its all done, but if the other one is mac or ipad, go to the settings > FaceTime > iPhone cellular calls and turn it on.

Now you can put your iphone to the coverage area and answer the incoming call or make a call from another device. “I know its not the best idea but at least it’s better to go outside to answer a call”

Hope this help someone.



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