Roshan Afghanistan turned off Voicemail service

Roshan Afghanistan discontinued its voicemail service, no reason was given for why the service has been killed off, but we figure it’s because there aren’t a lot of people using the service, I know there is no one going to leave voicemails these days But for sure it was good and useful enough for something, I personally were using it for SIM change alert, I’ve had setup custom greeting for that and diverted calls to the voicemail because in Roshan you cannot redirect calls to other networks.

However, if you were using Roshan’s voicemail service there is a few things you should do.

Make sure your calls are not diverted to the voicemail 777 because if you turn your phone off or go out of coverage area the callers will receive “incorrect number message” and it will confuse callers.

Make sure to activate missed call alert service instead to receive missed call notifications while you were out or switched off, which is free of charge.

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