How to bulk edit your iCloud contacts

As you may know we cannot mass edit contacts on either iPhone or iCloud, but sometimes we have to edit our contacts, the reason can be anything – Carrier switch, move to another country, whatever… in this post i want to show you; how to bulk edit your iCloud contacts easily.

Step 1- Go to iCloud official page

Step 2- Click Contacts

Step 3- On contacts page; Bottom – Lift Click on Settings Icon + Select all.


Step 4- After selecting all contacts, click on settings icon again and this time Select “Export vCard”


Step 5- Save Exported contacts to anywhere in your computer

Step 6- Open the Exported contacts in “WordPad” to Edit, after completing just simply save it.

Step 6- Now delete all your contacts on iCloud, by clicking Settings icon, select all and delete, (you should also delete contacts from iPhone too.)

Step 7- Now import your contacts “Edited and saved contacts” to iCloud again, and transfer it to your iPhone.


Hope this help you

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