Things you should know about MTN Afghanistan

The good and worst things about MTN Afghanistan.
If you’re an active MTN user you may already knew it, if you are new or planning to switch to MTN you should read this before.
The good ones;
1- Coverage, the coverage of MTN network rocks, in our area the coverage of only tower of MTN is much better than two Roshan towers even on dead spots. And this is one of the best things about MTN.
2- call quality, you can make/receive good quality calls even on one or two bars, means no more call loses.
The worst things about MTN:
1- as long as I use MTN I’ve never been able to talk to their Customer care, Means NO SUPPORT.
2- Data services, MTN’s internet is SUPER SLOW. If data is important to you then rethink about choosing MTN network.

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