Etisalat Afghanistan 3G bundles

Etisalat Afghanistan have lunched, third generation Mobile technology “3G” for the first time in Afghanistan back in 2012, Etisalat is one of the best provider in Afghanistan in terms of price and services alongside Roshan, MTN, AWCC and Salaam. in this post i’m going write about new and exciting Etisalat afghanistan 3g bundles.

the below is exciting Daily, weekly and monthly data bundles by eitisalat afghanistan

etisalat afghanistan 3g bundles

And here is the latest data promotions we’ve received;

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1GB monthly data bundle @ 250 AFN’s

Activation: Send “A1” as SMS to 3378

Deactivation: Send “PU A1” as SMS to 3378

15GB monthly data bundle @ 899 AFN’s  (5GB can be used from 8:00 am to 11:59 PM and 10GB from 12:00 am to 7:59 am)

Activation: Send “15GB” as SMS to 3378

Deactivation: Send “PU 15GB” as SMS to 3378


  1. i wana activate internet in my new etissalat sim … i activate one gb bundle it was success but now it s not working ……so if you plz send me apn setting for android ………..and how to activate internet service in my etisalat new sim……………thanks

    • Etisalat APN settings:

      Name: Etisalat or anything else
      leave username and password empty
      Make sure to restart your device after apn installation
      Good luck

          • Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Gt-19195. I was activated my bundle and etisalat charged me 499AFN but still my internet doesn’t work. Please help me to fix this greatly appreciated sir. Thank you so much!I keep on calling 888 but i guezz something wrong on this number. Thank you

          • Steps you should do:
            1- Send “S gprs” to 3378
            2- Send “3G” to 3378
            3- Restart mobile is (required)
            After that you will receive configuration from etisalat, if not go ahead and add access point manually. To add access point go to network settings add new access point
            1- In name fild you can write anything etisalat or your name…
            2- Access point fild “” make sure web not wap
            Username & password empty
            3- save and enable data

  2. how to active the data bundle in etisalat. because the above information I try to send sms 4GB to 3378 but massage send is failed.

  3. in this competitive market in order to compete, etisalat should introduce new data bundles for instance 2gb and 3gb with a reasonable and competitive rates, unfortunately I am switching to another carrier simply because they offer good packages that would suit my needs.

  4. سلام به کار مندان اتصالات
    بنده ۱۵ جی بی شما بهتر بود یکسره میبود یعنی نباید هیچ جی بی در روز و۱۰ جیبی به ای شب میبود ویا اینکه ۱۰ جی بی در روز و۵ جی بی در شب میبود

  5. I cannot subscribe to any of these packages. I have 490 afs in my phone and I can’t subscribe any package since fee days. Nor i can transfer it to any etisalat number. And the customer care service aren’t picking up the call for so many days.

  6. Hi admin!
    I am from Sweden and i wanna send kredit to my brothers sim kard.
    How should i chargé and can u guide me plz?

  7. I have activated the 9GB internet. Once i had 3GB left the speed went down to under 10Kb per second. When I called the company they would tell me that they’ll fix the issue but I see no changes. Thinking of switching my sim

  8. Dear admin,I am mr Thak.iam using etisalat 4GB monthly data bundles from the month of Feb 2017.but monthly data bundle is not stay more than 12 to 15 means 4GB monthly data bundles is finish after 15 days.I think you are setting data limit differently.please help me.thanking you….

  9. Hello Could you give explanation how to activate internet on iphone ?

    I just activate 1GB and I get the message that is successfully activated but i stile do not have internet ,please assist .

  10. سلام دوست عزیز.
    بسته اینترنت هفته وار فعال کرده بودم ۵۰ افغانی میخورد ۲۰۰ ام بی فعال میشد.حالی هروقت کریدت میندازم اتوماتیک خودش میخوره لطفا بگین چی رقم ۰غیر فعال میشه

  11. Greetings,
    1st of all Type 3G and send to 3378, send as many times that you get the msg from 555 Customer Services (Dear Customer 3G Data Service has been Successfully activated on your phone).
    2nd for 3G/LTE Internet Recommendation iPhone set, Go to Setting > Cellular Data > APN:, Same on LTE option and set all below as Empty/Blank
    Go back & “switch off” n “On” your Phone to enable the 3G services. Thank you

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