Downloading correct firmware “IOS”

Downloading correct firmware for IOS devices are a bit confusable, specially for newbies, and it’s also important for internet users with limited bandwidth, because downloading wrong firmware is just a huge waste of bandwidth.

So today i am going to show you how to download the correct IOS firmware for your IOS device.

The first step to download an IOS firmware is to open your iTunes, connect your idevice, iPhone, iPad or iPod. and go to the summary page of your device on iTunes by clicking on your device icon icon

From the summary page click on Update or Restore button, (If you have disabled device turn it off, and connect it to the iTunes while holding home button.)

summary page

Complete the steps and start downloading.

Now go to My Computer + The drive which your windows installed + Users + Your User + AppData + Roaming + Apple Computer + iTunes and go to the desired folder, iPhone, iPad or iPod Software updates folder.

In this folder you will find the correct firmware that downloading by iTunes for your device, now right click on the file, select rename, select the full name and copy.

Now go back to iTunes and stop download, after that go to google and paste the copied name and search, you find many websites which provides you the firmware.

That is all.

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